Infrared Heating Panels

Infinity's heating panels are characterised by fine design of frameless panels and control electronics in the form of a Wireless Intelligent Saving Thermostat.

Infrared frameless Heating Panels can boast with excellent design – the front glass surface can be supplied in standard white or black colour or in any other of RAL colours. It can also be decorated with a photograph or graphics supplied by the customer. All panels can be fitted with a special hardened mirror.

The control electronics in the panels monitors the surface temperature of the heating panel. This technology ensures that the surface temperature of the panel does not exceed 125°C, which allows installation of the panel on the wall or on the stand.

Infinity's panels have special clamps enabling their easy installation on stands. This variability provides wide range of use. For example, the model with a mirror placed in a moving and adjustable stand is ideal for hairdressers, clothes shops, offices, etc.

The panels can be controlled by a wireless thermostat, which is part of each package, or the panel can be switched on and off in the easiest way - using a well accessible switch.

Elegance, versatility and sophisticated wireless control, these are the benefits of the Infrared Heating Panels.

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